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Greetings and Merry Christmas Partners and Friends:

As World Missions EXTENSION Center prepare  for its  December 20th TOYS TO NEEDY KIDZ GIVE AWAY Rally, the demographic profile describing the families who will be in attendance at the rally reveal that most of the families predominatley live in Ward 5, with a great majority of the remaining families live in other wards of the city.  The social economic profile of families served consist of parents who are categorized as follows:

  • Foster- care parents; 
  • Parents who Receive Tanif  (welfare)assistance, 
  • Veterans needing resources/benefits and  toys for their children;
  • Families with children living in shelters;
  • Families who have lost one and or two children to Violence;
  • Siblings of incarcerated youth;
  • Moms and Dads in our Angel Tree Program;
  • Latino families;
  • Homeless;
  • Families living in Domestic Violence Homes;
  • and others referred to us from Special Population Groups

Just as the EXTENSION Center's partners and FRIENDS supported the Thanksgiving Rally which provided 980 Thanksgiving Baskets to low income families needing food on the table for their Thanksgiving meal with their families, we again need your help in obtaining toys for the children who will be present at the Toy Give AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  


The Toys to Needy Kids GIVE  Away Rally will be held on Sunday, December 20th at McKinley Technology High School in the gymnasium at 3:00pm and the door opens at 2:30pm. The school is located at 151 T. Street NE Washington, DC  20002. 

Last year with your help, we gave away a total of 3000 toys to children from shelters, foster care; the community, and as well as children who are siblings of incarcerated youth and children of  an incarcerated mom/dad. 

Make an End of the Year Tax Deductible Donation for Children Needing Toys 

Our goal  with your help,  is to double the number of gifts each child receives at the rally as well as provide toys to an even greater number of children.  In looking to meet this goal, we need your help and ask that small groups, organizations, churches, fraternity groups, etc consider adopting one of the families who needs HELP providing toys for their children.  Your  tax deductible will insure that all children in attendance at the toy give away will have a Merry Christmas. With your help this can be done.

May God bless you as we celebrate Jesus being the REASON for the Season by sharing his love with the children is how we roll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dr. J. Perkins, President/CEO

World Missions Inner-city EXTENSION Center Inc.







Contact Information:

World Missions Inner-city EXTENSION Center Inc

1720 First Street NW

Washington, DC  20001 

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As a community based organization, the EXTENSION Center's mission is to provide Educational Training services that positively impact lives of children, youth and economically deprived families living in inner-city communities become self-sufficient in all  areas of their lives.



We sponsor annually the following   SIX (6) Outreach Rallies, Educational Training Programs and Good Samaritan Projects

Outreach Rallies include:

  • January a Prayer Reflections Rally;
  • April a Walk-A-Thon;
  • June A Scholarship Awards Ceremony;
  • August a Back to School Rally,
  • November a Thanksgiving Basket Give Away to needy Families and
  • December Toys to Needy KIDZ Give Away.

Educational Training Programs consist of:  

  • Our Positive Alternatives Job Readiness/Work Readiness Program which is designed to identify jobs and work readiness/mentoring/internships for youth and adults needing employment which lead to self sufficiency in all areas of their lives;
  • Parenting workshops;
  • Adopt a School Mentoring/Tutoring;
  • Volunteerism and Community Service;
  • Mentor/Tutor an incarcerated Youth Program; 
  • Providing Technical Assistance ;
  • Working with EX-offenders

Good Samaritan Projects:

  • Providing emergency assistance to families in need
  • Making referral for services needed by persons living in the community
  • Fix Up/Clean up Projects
  • Clothes Closet & Food Pantry


  • Provided 437  inner-city Children at the DC General Shelter and the neighborhood KIDZ Backpacks with School Supplies at the  August Back to School Rally;
  • By partnering with McLean Bible Church, provided 980 Thanksgiving baskets to families in need of food for their Thanksgiving Meal with their families;
  • Last year provided 3000 Toys at the CHRISTmas Toy Give Away Rally;
  • This past summer,provided 100 inner-city youth ages 14 to 24 years opportunity to participate in its  Positive Alternatives  Job Readiness/Workforce Development Summer employment program;
  • This past summer, Provided 50 inner-city children ages 5 to 13 opportunity to participate  in its annually sponsored Adventure Day Academy Summer Camp;
  • Sponsors weekly fellowship mentorship visits to the Youth Services Detention Center;
  • Provides Homeless people living in shelters care packages, food and clothing;
  • Works with schools in its Adopt a School Program which involves after school mentoring/tutoring students;
  • Through its Good Samaritan Programs, various clean ups, painting, setting up libraries and other good neighbor projects were undertaken through out the year.

We are looking for People to volunteer with us as Tutors and Mentors

  •  We are looking for persons to serve as volunteer mentors/tutors for inner-city children, youth and adults needing help in all academic areas and work readiness training. 
  • We are also looking for volunteers interested in visiting and mentoring incarcerated youth in our Department of  Youth Rehabilitative Services Just FRIENDS Ministry.    Should you be interested in volunteering and or doing community service with us, please email us 


Wish List:

  • Contractors to donate time helping with our construction project;
  • Volunteers to serve as Mentors/Tutors in our Adopt a School Project;
  • Persons to help with landscaping at our site;
  • A commercial Size Refrigerator/Freezer for our Food Pantry;
  • Coats, hats, scarfs and gloves donations for the Men and Women at the Shelter  being given out on October 31st 
  • Prayer Intercessors
  • A new Shed for the  Backyard
  • People to partner financially with various projects that we have undertaken
  • Mentors/Tutors to visit incarcerated youth