World Missions EXTENSION Center

World Missions Extension Center


Since our last rally, we are now in the process of preparing for our April 26 Community Day Rally which will be held at the Harry Thomas Community Service Center located at 1743 Lincoln Rd. NE and the rally will start at 10:00am.  Our goal is to encourage family, friends and neighbors a day of fun for everyone to come out and safely spend time enjoying good music, dancing, games and other fun activities that make us community.

We need your help getting the word out and would also like to say that at the rally, we will provide Scholarship applications for senior high school students graduating this year.  With such applications being due on Mother's Day, we look forward to making the applications available for seniors interested in receiving a scholarship to help them go to college.  Last year with the help from working with the Metropolitan Police, we awarded scholarships to 12 senior high school students who are presently matriculating in colleges throughout the united states.

In closing, don't forget to make plans to be with us at the April 26 Community Day Rally, and thanks in advance for helping us get the word out to all of the people that you know.

Best regards

Dr. J. Perkins,

President, CEO



Mission Statement:  

As a community based organization,  it is our mission to provide educational training services that positively impact lives of children, youth and adults living in inner-city neighborhoods. 

To Accomplish our mission:

The EXTENSION Center annually sponsors 6 Special Event Outreach Rallies and  through our Positive Alternative Skill Building Mentoring/Vocational Training Programs we tutor children and youth and  provide Job Readiness Skill Development/ Scholarships/ Workshops for youth and adults and parenting workshop which are designed to improve parenting skills. 

On the Horizons:

On Saturday, April  26 we will sponsor Community Day at the Harry Thomas Community Service Center located at 1743 Lincoln Rd. NE and the rally will begin at 10:00am.  Come out and have fun which will allow you and your family and especially the kids to enjoy the day with lots of good entertainment.  We ask that you help us get the word out and we also ask that you bring another family with their kids to the toy give away rallly as well..