World Missions EXTENSION Center

World Missions Extension Center


As we now prepare for our next rally which will be our June 28th Scholarship Awards Ceremony, we look forward to providing scholarships to senior high school youth going to college in the fall. 

 We are also excited about being able to honor and recognize the Scholastic Achievements of students in grades from infant to 12th grade.The Malissa B. Perkins Scholarship Ceremony will be held at Trinity College in Social Hall and will start at 9:00am.  Trinity is located at 125 Michigan Ave. NE 20017.

As we prepare to celebrate and honor children and youth for their achievements made this year, we extend to family and friends to come join us at the ceremony.


Best regards,


Dr. J. Perkins, President/ CEO






Mission Statement:  

As a community based organization,  it is our mission to provide educational training services that positively impact lives of children, youth and adults living in inner-city neighborhoods. 

To Accomplish our mission:

The EXTENSION Center annually sponsors 6 Special Event Outreach Rallies and  through our Positive Alternative Skill Building Mentoring/Vocational Training Programs we tutor children and youth and  provide Job Readiness Skill Development/ Scholarships/ Workshops for youth and adults and parenting workshop which are designed to improve parenting skills. 

On the Horizons:

We look forward to our  Positive Alternatives Job Readiness Program for youth starting on June 30th going through August 8th.