World Missions Extension Center

A Tax Deductible Donation

        Your donations  will allow us to continue helping inner city children,  youth and families, please select the project/program that you would like for your tax deductable donation to be used for:

KIDZ Programs:

__Adopt a School Project;

__Mentoring/Tutoring children, youth and adult program;

Toys to KIDZ in Need

EXTENSION Center Book club Readers 

Good Samaritan Projects 

Building Expansion Project;

__Toys for KIDZ in need;

__ families in need

__Teen Mom Program;

__Our Positive Alternatives Job Readiness/ Work Force Development


__Community Service Projects

__ Our Just FRIENDS Mentoring/visiting Incarcerated Youth



Checks can be made payable to World Missions  and can be mailed to: 1720 First Street NW. Washington, DC 20001 or you can donate on line through Paypal which is a secured line.
On behalf of the Hurting People that we serve throughout the year, thanks, for your donation.

Peace and blessings,

Dr. J. Perkins, Executive Director




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Washington, DC  20001 

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